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Please be patient while we bring our web site up to date.

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Volunteers Needed!
I am authorized by the Holy Roman Emperor
to organize a company of mercenaries!
Rally under our flag! Organize and muster together!
Die Kaiser Lichte Fußknecht von Niedersachsen
is looking for brave and loyal men
to fill our Ranks!

We are a family-oriented unit based in Ohio that portrays a German mercenary group known as Landsknecht, from 1486 to 1560. You may call our company Das Nachtjäger Fähnlein (The Night Hunter Company). We welcome enthusiastic volunteers interested in having fun.

Children love "dressing-up" and being part of the action, playing period games and learning the life of a soldier and his family.

Our female members also don proper garb, manage the baggage train, manage the camp under field conditions (an art in itself!) and practice many other period skills. Some even learn to fight.

If you are interested in joining or just want more information, please click on the "join us" link or email us.

For questions about our weapons demonstrations, contact Feldwebel Bleucher.

For questions about our clothing, contact Frau Kammerherr.

Thank you for visiting. We hope to see you at events this year!

*Note: In many cases, we use archaic German spelling and terms. These may or may not have the same meanings and/or spellings that the modern German language uses.


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