Painting masterpieces in thread.

Practice and Ohio Renaissance Festival 2001


Also known as the windy year, temperatures were beautiful, but the wind was a challenge. 

Hauptmann Wolfgang von Schwartzwald

Frau Kristina von Schwartzwald

Herr Rap von Schwartzwald

Herr Dieter Grosshosen

Herr Barnabus Reuss

Frau Sabina Reuss

Herr Hans von Frundsburg

Frau Stephanie von Frundsburg

Herren Kammerherr

Frau und Madchen Kammerherr

Fraulein Inge Rottweiler

Herr Johan Falke

Fraulein Maria Carlstadt

Herr Wolfgang "Rutger" Bleucher

Practice at the park.

Herr Hauptmann puts the men through their paces.

At ease.



Wolfgang and our youngest Landsknecht, then almost 4 months old, prep for the Renaissance Festival.


Maneuvers video 1 Maneuvers video 2
Maneuvers video 3

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